When MaxScale v2 will be supported by SQLSplitter?

I would like to use new features of maxscale available in version 2. When is this going to be supported by SQLSplitter?

SQLSplitter will support MaxScale 2.0.1 version in November 2016. Please watch our Blog for the official announcement.

I can't find any place to download sqlslitter. is it available somwhere?

Our apologies for a long delay because of Christmas and the New Year. Yes, at the moment the only channel our software is available through is AWS Marketplace. We will continue selling our current and future products through this channel as it creates an extremely easy access to our software. We consider other options for 2017 but if you provide more detail what you would be interested in exactly it will be easier for us to shape our plans. For any communication you can also use support@smartami.net

SQLSplitter MySQL proxy solution.

SQLSplitter is a MySQL proxy that allows users to send their write queries like INSERT or UPDATE to the master and read queries to slaves automatically and transparently.

Use SQLSplitter on AWS: https://aws.amazon.com/marketplace/pp/B01LXAS775

Documentation: SmartAMI+SQLSplitter.pdf